SARASOTA- Only 80% of patients are happy with their knee replacements and they often need to be repaired, but a new surgical robot is working to improve patient outcomes.

Isam Ahmed was in need of a total knee replacement and was told his case could be complicated.

 “It was a lot of pain and I could not stretch,” Isam Ahmed said. “Certain Days I could not even be able to put my socks on.”

But just two weeks after his surgery, he feels great.

“I’m doing much better,” Ahmed said. “Starting with a walker and now, I’m walking with a cane.”

His positive results are thanks to Dr. Edward Stolarski and Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s new ROSA knee replacement robot.

“I was an engineer before I did this,” Dr. Edward Stolarski said. “So it just makes intuitive sense to bring as much technology as possible into knee replacement.”

Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s Medical Director of Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Edward Stolarski says the new robot is helping them take some of the guesswork out of knee replacement.

“When we do a total knee there is a lot of things we do pre-operatively, templating, measurements we do, but it was all kind of inferred.”

The new robot helps them get pre-design the knee before an incision is even made.

“Those variables are now measured,” Dr. Stolarski said. “Instead of just a feeling they’re calculated, so it’s kind of putting engineering along with the art of total knee replacement.”

The robot helps keep the knee in place and personalize each knee replacement.

“Right now I’m personally choosing the most difficult cases because that’s where I’m getting the most help.” Dr. Stolarski said. “Where I need the most help, and there is less ambiguity.”

Tough cases like Isam are now getting great results.

“I am feeling confident,” Ahmed said. “And I am walking, I walked yesterday the cul-de-sac and I took an extra walk, so I am feeling confidence and I’m building it day by day.”

Now he’s just getting bored, while he has to take it easy.

“I am hoping to get back to the gym as soon as possible and start working out,” Ahmed said. “And give that new knee a try.”

In the last two weeks Dr. Stolarski and Dr. Sean Dingle have performed 4 knee replacements with the new robot.