BRADENTON - As the saying goes, there is no love like a mother’s love, and Kim Redding of Bradenton is no exception to the rule.

This military mom is on a crusade to shower our troops with holiday care packages. Redding explains how her mission ‘Operation Shoebox’ is a one size fits all token of appreciation.

“So just something little as a shoebox in Christmas wrap for the holiday season would do wonders for a person who is there for 10 months supporting our country and supporting what we do everyday and we take for granted," says Redding.

She says the idea came from a second hand understanding of all the little things our troops lack while serving. Her Operation Shoebox flyer lists inexpensive items needed to fill the boxes, however the point is not necessarily a materialistic one.

“You know I will gather as many as I can get , the goal is just to bring spirits up to soliders that are deployed during the holiday season," says Redding.

Redding is hosting a packing party soon and hopes others jump on board with her campaign.     

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