BRADENTON -For those curious about cupping, the markings left after a session may scare some off.

Students at Modern Cupping Therapy’s workshop say it’s relaxing and effective.

It almost looks torturous, however looks can be deceiving. Eddie Dobrowolski says learning the method will help with treatments for his athletes.

“It’ not bad, you can actually feel the tissue loosening up. Kind of like a lift, movement, re-release and you’re able to kind of function better and move better," says Dobrowolski.

He says the workshop also helped him erase any misconceptions he had coming into cupping therapy, a common one in particular.

“Well knowing that the marks are not bruises and they’re actually the bruises coming out, so to speak, the sludge," says Dobrowolski.

And this “garbage” is generally pain free, albeit visually jarring, according to educator Stacie Nevalus.

“It is simply the stagnation in the body. It’s that old blood, old injury that has been trapped in the tissue and now we have a tool where we’re able to vacuum it out and bring it to the surface and let it move on. It’s going to give them better mobility and better range and they’re going to feel better overall," says Nevalus.

Nevalus says the health benefits from cupping can help almost anyone.

“All ages from children up to elderly, it just depends on their condition. But it also helps the practitioner work smarter and not harder," says Nevalus.

She says the three fundamentals of cupping is creating negative pressure, bringing more blood flow and softening the tissue with real results.

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