VENICE - Hundreds of people witness the ordination of Deacon Carlos Encinas Saturday morning at the Epiphany Cathedral in Venice.

"There’s a whole ritual of welcoming him, he presents himself, I present him to the people of God,” said Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane

Diocese of Venice Reverend Dewane welcomes Encinas to the priesthood. The sacred ceremony is a call to holiness, one that comes with great responsibility and accountability.

"To me, it’s essential to who I am and really part of very much that community of the priesthood," said Rev. Dewane. "The bishop and the diocese with his priest.

The newly ordained Reverend Encinas has been studying and preparing for this moment for eight years. A moment he was happy to share with his family and friends.

"I cannot tell you in one word," said Rev. Encinas. "In this short period of after the ceremony I’ve been thinking and I feel joyful. I feel all the heaven is with me right now.”

Rev. Encinas says he answered the call to God later in his life. As a native Argentinian he hopes to be the voice for those who speak English as their second language.

"It is a good thing to have someone who speaks their language, but I feel that I can hope for those who do not speak English,” Rev. Encinas

Rev. Dewane says he wishes Rev. Encinas all the best in his new journey and to always remember to listen to God’s people.

"Be open to the grace of the Lord, listen to the people of God they’ll tell you what it is they need," said Rev. Dewane. "We have to assist in that journey and be there for them. Serve the Lord and serve his people.

Its tradition for newly ordained priest to announce the location of their Parish, Rev. Encinas says he still doesn’t know where God will take him.