SARASOTA - The kids at Learning Cottage in Sarasota welcomed pre-school students and their families from China for the second year and shared customs like eating different foods and learning how to eat with chopsticks. 

"What better way to celebrate culture than inviting them to come into our school, share snacks, we're signing flags, we're singing songs to each other, we're going to see some of their tricks and we're going to spend some time with them on the playground as well," Learning Cottage's Ashley Hostetter said.  

"We are so truly touched by what they are doing and that they shake hands with one another and we really want them to make good friends internationally and we are so excited to be here," Chinese visitor Kevin Qigun said. 

One thing the kids have in common is they're incredible at BMX biking for their very young age and the kids got to show off their talents thanks to Learning Cottage's partnership with the Sarasota BMX Academy. 

"That is the most common question that we get, while most American children are just getting on a balance bike or have training wheels it is beautifully impressive to watch these children who are 3–6 years old not only riding these bikes, racing these bikes, but also doing tricks on these bikes," Hostetter said. 


"They travel all around the world to Australia, to England, to America, to Japan, but we think this is the best place to get the training here," Qigun said.