SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota School Board member Eric Robinson said, "I am no mole," or words to that effect, when he was asked by the Herald Tribune about being a possible leak for school board strategies in their ongoing negotiations with the teachers' union.

Robinson fired back against allegations that he was leaking confidential board strategy to teacher's union officials, saying it was a false claim that rival board members had planted to strengthen Superintendent Todd Bowden's control over contract negotiations. Bowden has proposed a major overhaul of the teachers' contract and has indicated that there is not much money in the budget for teacher pay raises this year.

The board's Chair and Vice Chair made the allegation in interviews with the Herald-Tribune about Robinson being a possible leak for the teacher's union, despite a dearth of evidence against him. In fact, the teacher's union executive director Barry Dubin said Robinson had not shared any board strategy with him.