LAKEWOOD RANCH - "They get to see some of these absolutely incredible restored cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s,” said Lance Hubschmitt.

Hubschmitt has been organizing the Cruzin’ to the Hop Classic Car Shows for almost 25 years across the Suncoast.

"It is just a fabulous, fabulous thing for the people," said Hubschmitt. "We see families, the dad’s talking about ‘Oh grandpa had one of those and I used to ride in the backseat type thing.”

Hubschmitt says he wasn’t always a car fanatic but when he found his dream car. "In 1971I had a ’71 Cuda and once I got the Cuda… hook, line, and sinker man!” he said.

This hobby however isn’t cheap. It can take hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain these cars in tip top shape. Bob Abrahamson is a classic car collector, he says he grew up with the nostalgia of classic cars from the 50s.

"I’ve always been to the passion of interesting class," said Abrahamson. "So once the kids were grown and we had time and interest after the boating years went into the cars.”

Abrahamson recently acquired a 1989 Cadillac Allante he says is perfect for drives with the top down along the Suncoast, but now wants to include in the classic car show circuit.

"Turned out that it’s such a nice car I baby it now and want to preserve it cause it will actually at this start to improve in value," said Abrahamson.

The Classic Car Show Circuit is just now picking up with several more shows to come on the Suncoast that benefit several local charities. For a full list of upcoming shows scheduled visit