SARASOTA - It's an acrobatics, pilates, and gymnastics hybrid that makes for a breathtaking circus performance suspended dozens of feet high, using just one piece of fabric.

For Rikki Hettig–Rolfe Meaux , the twists and twirls of aerial silks comes second nature. She said, "It does feel kind of normal to me per say and I actually grew up with some circus family. I grew up performing in the Sailor Circus and training in the Sailor Circus." 

Rikki graduated from the Sailor Circus and turned the classroom into her new stage, but she couldn't stay away from silks. "At first, I was a volunteer coach and I got hired as a part–time coach and I was also a school teacher," she said.

Now, Rikki combines her two passions at The Circus Arts Conservatory. "I get to do really cool things like go into schools with my clowning partner, Karen and teach science through circus. So we teach physical science, like the laws of motion through circus and then I coach aerial silks and hammock and sometimes web," she said.

Suncoast residents of all shapes and sizes can find their footing in recreational silks classes at the Sailor Circus Arena. She said, "There is a place for everyone in the circus. It will show you 1. Maybe what you need gain if you want to get better at it or surprise yourself what you can do."

For more information on aerial silks class at The Circus Arts Conservatory, click here