SARASOTA- Traffic backed up for miles for a veteran in need of a community’s support, and other veterans want to make sure that same support is available for them while they’re alive.

Over a thousand people came out to Sarasota National Cemetery to make sure Veteran Edward Pearson was not laid to rest alone.

“That’s why we call this town home,” SRQ Vets Co-Founder Bill Sterbinsky said. “Because what happened here today is unexplainable and needs to be more of.”

Almost every week at Sarasota National, a veteran is buried with little to no family, if news of their burial doesn’t go viral.

“If you spent one day in the military, or one hour in the military you’re a brother,” Archie Sanders said. “You’re a veteran, and you deserve the choice to go out with dignity.”

“It’s not the kind of thing you like to see,” Ronald Babcock said. “And you try to do what you can to help that veteran.”

And they want to be there for those veterans while they are still alive.

“Those who are out there alone,” Graham Ellis said. “Need things like the VFW, American Legion, all the service organizations that can bring them back to the brotherhood to allow them to speak with likeminded people.”

If you know someone that needs assistance, reach out to Veterans ready and willing to help.

“We get relatives and friends will contact us,” Joe Golembeski said. “And say that there is somebody that needs the companionship, they live alone, they have nobody, no family, the thought of someone that served this country to die alone just breaks my heart.”

SRQ Vets invites all veterans in the community to come out and see the community first hand.

“We have a monthly breakfast,” Golembeski said. “Third Saturday of every month at the VFW on Tuttle, they meet new friends and hear new stories, some of these guys, WWII, Korea, Vietnam Veterans. It’s our community, it’s our family, this is a family to us.”