MANATEE COUNTY- Lincoln Memorial Academy will remain under the control of the Manatee County School Board, for now.

Lincoln Memorial Academy’s appeal of the termination of its charter was denied with Cohen saying in his decision.

“While Mr. Hundley's motives in helping found LMA may have started as pure, they quickly became about the riches he could accumulate at the expense of the education, health, safety, and welfare of LMA's students.”

“I had no doubt in my mind that the decision was the correct decision,” Attorney Teitelbaum said. “It was based upon the evidence and the facts that were submitted.”

Manatee County School District Attorney Mitchell Teitelbaum says there was an immediate threat to the safety of students at the school.

“By a financial insolvency at that particular school,” Teitelbaum said. “A lapse of insurance, the failure to pay crucial bills that would affect the health, safety and welfare of those students, particularly the water bills, the insurance for athletics for those particular students, the food itself, the quality o


f the food.”

Teitelbaum says the school board does want to expedite a new charter application for the school, but no one has come forward with a new plan.

“Normally when someone submits a charter application which is due by February you would wait for the following year to open,” Teitelbaum said. “Should an application be submitted, it would be expedited.”

Former CEO Eddie Hundley and former CFO Cornelle Maxfield are still under a federal investigation for misuse of funds and could face federal charges.