SARASOTA - A four alarm house fire Saturday night brought together multiple response units from neighboring counties, says Sarasota County Fire Department Chief Michael Regnier. He says the fire department has a mutual aid agreement which they are able to call on. The fire raged for hours, injuring three firefighters in the process says Chief Regnier.

"We are able to utilize resources from those other counties in case we encounter a large fire such as the other night. Same way for them if they encounter a large fire we can send resources to them as well. Well I’m very happy to report that all three firefighters that were transported to the hospital that evening were released," says Chief Regnier.

Chief Regnier says the three firefighters are all doing well and will be returning to work as normal. Chief Regnier says the fire itself was a large one for Sarasota County and his crews did everything they could to save as much of the 7000 square foot structure as possible.