SARASOTA - Expect to see big changes at Lido Beach’s concession stand starting Monday.

City of Sarasota leaders say the pavilion will temporarily close for repairs and upgrades. The City plans to install a new kitchen vent hood and new aluminum roof. More renovations will be made to the patio and restrooms once the kitchen is complete. Local business owner “Alexander” says the plans will take away from the locals.

“Just getting rid of the people who kept this place whole is probably the worst thing the City could do if they choose to do that. If this goes to a big business it’s just going to be another spot lost but we need to keep some things local that’s what made Sarasota beautiful in the first place," says "Alexander".

With the current contract expiring for the current pavilion vendor, the City is looking through replacement bids. Food truck options will be available while the pavilion undergoes a makeover. City leaders say the project should complete some time in December.