The Ski–A–Rees are back, and better than ever. One of the oldest ski show teams in the United States, the Ski–A–Rees, performed their first show of the fall season on Sunday. Husbands, wives and their children performed backflips, pyramids and one–legged jumps on water skis on Sarasota Bay.

The Ski–A–Rees perform the only winter water ski show in the United States, with six more performances scheduled in the season. They'll be putting on their free ski show every Sunday at their clubhouse on City Island, and the team is looking for new participants.

They are looking for boat drivers, boat riders, sound crew, people to roll up ropes on the docks, and, of course, water skiers

The Ski–A–Rees have been entertaining folks on the Suncoast for 62 years.