SIESTA KEY - Daiquiri Deck at Siesta Key Village is raising funds for the Bahamas Red Cross.

Daiquiri Deck hosted a free concert encouraging visitors to come in. Custom t-shirts were also available to purchase with all proceeds benefiting the Bahamas Red Cross relief program.

Samantha Mitchell, general manager of Daiquiri Deck, says It takes a village to save a village. "We have four of our local bars, we do all of our local business together. We all came together to create a really great event to make sure we can save some money for the Bahamas," Mitchell said.

"It could've been any of us. At some point we thought we could get a big storm here, if it wasn't this one it was the one a couple years ago," she said. "So it's up to everybody to rally together to get help to people who really need it."

Daiquiri Deck is taking cash donations all day and will continue to accept donations on their website.