SARASOTA- A wrecked motor bike more than 100 yards from the nearest road, left plenty of challenges for the Sarasota Fire Department.

“There was just some issues with getting to the patient,” Chief Sanders said. “Access, so they got there, they were treating him, and as we normally try to do, we figure out a way to make sure the patient is safe and get them where they need to go.”

The best way to do that… driving a Department SUV, not usually used for transport, to get him safely to the rescue.

“We were able to actually use our rapid response vehicle which is an SUV,” Sanders said. “To get them from where they actually crashed to the rescue. That’s medic 20, so that’s our non-transport vehicle, obviously yesterday it got used for a transport vehicle for a short period of time.”

Medic 20 is staffed with paramedics that undergo extra training, and they were able to keep him stable in the back of the SUV.

“They have a little more direction from the medical director, to give a little more medication, they carry extra equipment,” Sanders said. “They are there to assist with the entire operation.”

The patient had potential broken bones and traumatic injuries, so he needed to be kept still.

“And when you have a patient like that,” Sanders said. “We have to put them on a backboard, and they’re strapped down, walking across that terrain for a short distance is relatively easy, but on a long distance like that is much more difficult to traverse.”

Chief Sanders says the fire department is used to getting creative in tough situations.

“One of the buzzwords that the fire department uses is we’re an all hazards department,” Sanders said. “But truly any time that you run a call it’s different every single time, so it doesn’t what the call actually is, you’re going to find some different circumstance.”

The cause of the crash is still unknown at this time.