CHARLOTTE COUNTY - A Charlotte County teen died Thursday, defending a younger sibling, after what deputies call a "violent encounter" with a man breaking into their home.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell said, "This has been just a very tough scene to deal with. It was a senseless crime, and we're doing our best to make sure that justice is served."

Charlotte County deputies responded to Starlite Lane just before 4:30 Thursday afternoon, to reports of a suspicious man walking down the street, stabbed near Olean Avenue. He said, "We were able to locate him and he began to flee from us."

15 minutes later the man identified as 27–year old, Ryan Clayton Cole was detained."We started getting reports that some burglaries in the area have occurred and that subject was positively identified at one of the burglary scenes," he said. 

Deputies approached another home, noticing forced entry, with a teen and a child inside. He said, "The subject had broken into the residence, a violent encounter had ensued, where we believe the teenager was trying to protect their younger sibling."

That teen was pronounced dead from injuries.The child was left uninjured. Deputies took Cole into custody at the Charlotte County Jail. He said, "They are charged with the first burglary I spoke of. He has a history of drug use. He is known to my staff, And he is currently on probation."

Nearly 24 hours later, the scene was still active. Sheriff Prummell said the scene likely won't be cleared until Saturday as detectives investigate additional reported burglaries.

Out of privacy, the victim's family has requested not to release the teen and child's identities as well as their own. Anyone with information is asked to contact CCSO immediately.