SARASOTA (SNN) - People from around the world sent birthday wishes to a 92–year– old Sarasota man.

Last fall, just before Gerard Dunn's 92nd birthday, the first since his wife of 6 decades had died, his daughter Miriam posted a tweet asking people to send her father a note, or a small gift – he likes puzzles.

According to the Herald Tribune, Miriam woke up the next day to 20,000 retweets, while Gerard received more than 4,500 cards, many of them handmade, and they came from all over the world.

One lady had bought a birthday card for her own 92–year–old father but he died before she could give it to him. So she sent it to Gerard instead.

Hundreds of school kids wrote him. Cadets at a military academy shared intimate thoughts about the rigors of their training with him. He read them all too.

Gerard, known around Sarasota as "Jerry the Piano Man," died of pneumonia on Sept. 16, exactly one month before his 93rd birthday.

Since then, many people have thanked Miriam for sharing her father with the world.