NORTH PORT- As the nation battles a vaping epidemic, North Port City Commissioners join the fight and want to ban tobacco and vaping product sales for people younger than 21. 

“Talk to your children. Let them know that this is a health risk and diseases are coming about and children dying and they don’t even know the why at this point.”

North Port City Commissioner Jill Luke says vaping has swept the nation and commissioners want to keep their residents healthy and safe.

“Cities are to protect and have the well being of their citizens in mind in everything. That’s our purpose, to protect and serve for the well being.”

Students Working Against Tobacco appeared before commissioners in February asking them to restrict the sale of tobacco to people younger than 21. Now, a city attorney along with Students Working Against Tobacco will work together to create an ordinance.

“We need to take action. This is an epidemic. This is causing problems. Parents and families need help.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control there are at least 530 confirmed or probable cases, and more than 10 deaths linked to vaping.

 “We’re taking a stand. We’re letting the federal government and state governments know: we are in this fight with you.”

Commissioner Luke says the city could see the ban go into effect later this year.