BRADENTON - Planning for the new exhibit began as far back as 2011 and the aim is for engagement between parent and child. 

"It's all about the activities you can enjoy with a parent and a child together. Come to be a biologist for a day, be a paleontologist for a day, that kind of activity," Bishop CEO BrynnAnne Besio said. 

St. Martha's Kindergarten students got the first look at the new setup. 

"We have a wonderful pond with two yellowbelly turtles, we have a cardboard rocket where you can fly through the universe, we have a science shed with a beautiful might oak tree, you can learn about trees and the canopy and who lives in it," Besio said. 

"I think is absolutely wonderful. We try to teach our children to be stewards of the Earth and I think this gives them an excellent opportunity to get a close-up look at things that are right in their own backyard," kindergarten teacher Jane Greenamoyer said. 

She feels this new mosaic will make Bishop a regular stop for St. Martha's students. 

"Absolutely, absolutely. We've come to Bishop in the past but this exhibit makes it even more exciting to come and visit," Greenamoyer said.