SARASOTA - Flying trapeze is an activity engaging your core, back, and inner daredevil! Under bright lights, it looks like a workout built for a superhero. But inside a giant white dome off Bahia Vista Street, the sky is the limit.

If you're a thrill seeker, you can get a great workout in by taking advantage of having the circus right in your backyard at the Circus Arts Conservatory. With recreational flying trapeze classes for the experienced and the not-so-experienced.

Classes are led by professional instructors like Andres Leon–Miller, a Sailor Circus alumni. He said, "I was in it from '96 to '03. I did everything from unicycle to hand balancing, trapeze, teeter board..." Over the years, challenging his mental and physical limits, chasing a goal different from most sports.

He said, "The team effort towards a specific goal, not just to win a game or score points, it's the team effort to create this beautiful project, which is the show." Now, it's a passion to teach students how to fly, no superhero cape necessary.

"It brings me back to my first day walking into the arena all over again. It feels like the first day all over again. It's really cool," He said, "For a first timer, we teach you how to take off from the platform, safely, effectively, and most funly and then we te ach you how to hang by your knees so you can get caught by the catcher by the end of class hopefully."

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