SARASOTA COUNTY - As a matter of fact, maybe we do live in paradise.

In the annual survey, Sarasota County residents really couldn't think of anything wrong with living on the Suncoast.

According to the Herald Tribune, the county's annual opinion survey revealed that the biggest cause for concern is growth from development.

Another issue is traffic. With all the new houses and condos being built, traffic moved from third place in 2018 to second, with 9% of residents being concerned with the crowded roadways.

As a whole, the county's population seems impressively content, with 27% of nearly 1000 respondents saying they really have no problems with the local quality of life. This is up from the 19% in 2018, and 15% two years ago.

In fact, 78% of respondents said they would recommend Sarasota County as a great place to vacation. 71% recommend it for retirement.