Swan says he started having constant muscle twitches in his upper body.

“Unfortunately there’s not a single blood test or MRI that allows doctors to diagnose ALS," Swan said.

Through a  process of elimination, ALS was his diagnosis, and Swan says he’s not the only person fighting.

"..ripple effects throughout every fiber of those closest to the patient, too," Swan said.

Like his wife Shaina, who says before Kevin, all she knew about ALS was the ice bucket challenge.

“Being in the thick of it, everyday is an ice bucket challenge," Shaina said. "So we’re doing it one day at a time.”

Kevin says that 'one day at a time' mentality is what helps him fight.

“I’ve always been very mentally strong, which I think is so important in managing this disease," Kevin said.

He credits his mindset and his wife and daughter for getting him through each day.

“I'm waiting for Elliott to be big enough to help me with all the things. She’s still trying to do the suction wand and push all the buttons, so once she’s got it all down, I think it’ll be a lot more helpful," Shaina said.

Kevin’s completely dependent on technology for everything: moving, breathing, and speaking; but it doesn’t stop his sense of humor from shining through.

“I’m basically Iron Man at this point," Kevin said.

He's strong enough to be the backbone of A Life Story Foundation, which he founded six weeks after he was diagnosed.

“Our goal is to raise awareness and money to create action," Kevin said.

Attorney Carl Reynolds is taking action, lending A Helping Hand.

"This is just a small token of our love and support, and what a brave soldier Kevin is and his family in dealing with this," Reynolds said, presenting a $1,000 check.  

“Carl's generosity and the reach of this broadcast are exactly what we try to get everyday, dollar signs and eyeballs," Kevin said.