VENICE - Just days after Hurricane Dorian affected a regular stop for a Suncoast ministerial aviation service, volunteers and staff sprung into action to lend a hand. Tuesday, the non-profit took its 17th relief flight.

After Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas for more than 24 hours, from a bird's eye view above Abaco Island, it's rubble and wreckage. But on the ground, an estimated 9,000 families are homeless.

More than 300 miles Northwest in Venice, Agape Flights' volunteers and staff have been hard at work helping Dorian victims any way they can by flying out supplies donated from all over country to The Bahamas every day, sometimes twice a day.

Staff Pilot, Jeff Yannucciello said, "We're handing those off to either church pastors, who in turn (are) taking those and bringing them back to their communities and handing them out. Or to workers who are helping with the rebuilding process." So far, the non-profit has helped more than 35 people evacuate to safety.

Yannicciello said it all wouldn't be possible without hundreds of local volunteers, "...pulling all of these items together, sorting them, boxing them, putting them on pallets." And thousands of donors; just last week, donation stacks reached nearly 8 feet tall. While  goods get delivered to the Bahamas, Agape Flights is only accepting monetary donations at this time.