FLORIDA -  Water, water everywhere, but soon  there won't be enough to drink.

Florida’s population is increasing by more than 900 people daily. This boom will put a huge burden on the state's water supply.

According to the Herald Tribune, not one of Florida’s five water management districts, which oversee permits for water supplies, can meet its future demand solely with existing source capacity. In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates it could cost $21.9 billion for capital improvements for Florida’s existing utility systems to continue to provide safe drinking water through 2034.

Manatee County, for example, recently committed to $50.7 million in filtration system upgrades for its Lake Manatee water treatment plant to adequately serve its existing customers.

The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority can withdraw a maximum of 120 million gallons a day from that river during the rainy season and store much of it for use in the dry season. Although it does not need the additional supply now, it wants to add a third, square-mile reservoir to its facility in south DeSoto County and increase its withdrawals from the river to up to 258 million gallons daily.