SARASOTA - A theme park trend starting in Europe lands across the pond right here in Sarasota.

It’s an interconnected inflatable bounce park, and it’s the largest in the nation. Sarasota is home to Jumpin Fun Inflata park and visitors seem to be flipping over this new Lakewood Ranch attraction. Owner Brett Morrow says his venue is more user friendly for all ages.

“This is one large connected bed of 15,000 square-feet of inflatable adventure park," says Morrow.

So, I set out in search of adventure testing out their famed zip rail coaster air rider. Strapped in I took to soaring above the whole park. Legs flailing, oblivious to using the guide ropes to prevent me from looking like a rag doll, I came in hot on the landing ledge. I get why the line is down the stairs on this one.

“There’s so many things to do, and then when you add on the air rider experience it’s just a very unique way to have fun," says Morrow.

Morrow says the positive response from the community has been overwhelming.

With so many play elements in park, I have no problem challenging the fun zone (and clearly losing all in the name of comedy).

Bradenton resident Cassandra Hafner is excited to have an option for entertainment which appeals to everyone in her family.

“I think it’s evident to all of us how much our community is growing. We absolutely love it. It’s very exciting for us that we have slightly older children now, to have a bounce house place that is ideal for them and fun to participate as parents as well," says Hafner.

The inclusivity seems to elevate the fun, seamlessly joining toddlers, teens and parents in rubber sole socks all here for the bounce.

Visit JFIPARK.COM for more information.