SARASOTA- People of all ages joined in as Sarasota participated in the Student Climate Strike.  Hundreds gathered at the Unconditional Surrender statue, and stayed through the rain to get the word out on the need for action on climate change.

People were helping rally attendees make sure they were registered to vote and some protest attendees had signs supporting various democratic candidates.  The focus of the rally was on the young people working toward change.

 “Today is global youth climate strike day,” Ella Mirman said. “So I think that there are 4 to 5 million around the world who are striking for Climate Change and this is just the Sarasota Chapter.”

“It’s not just a protest it’s a strike,” Lindsey Lim said. “Especially for students, because what’s the point of learning if you’re not going to have an earth to live in in the future, so why learn something if you’re never going to use it.”

“This is a really big issue and we’re not talking about it enough,” Olivia Ackerman said. “And the only way to get this information out to be people is through things like this and to spread information.”

“The first way to change is through the system, through government,” Ariel Song said. “And it’s really important that we all come together and show how much we care about the earth.”

Similar protests were held throughout Florida all day today.