BRADENTON - Some of the most helpless victims from the Bahamas following the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian now call Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue center home.

Nate’s executive director Dari Oglesby says taking in the homeless dogs felt like the right thing to do.

“So we’re part of an organization called the FAAWO  (Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organization) and they put out a plea asking what shelters here in Florida could help with a large transport coming out of the Bahama Humane Society and we replied to that post, so here we are today," says Oglesby.

And today, Nate’s is the new temporary home to six dogs from the storm torn island.

Oglesby says the Bahamas Humane Society had a total of 130 displaced cats and dogs.

“And what they did is they spread it out amongst like ten or eleven shelters so that no one shelter took on too large of a burden, so we only have the six dogs," says Oglesby.

Dr. Ocean Cohen with Ranch Animal Hospital monitors the health of all six dogs to get them ready for their forever home.

“They all look to be very friendly and pretty well cared for, so I guess I would tell people to hang tight and let us do what we need to do and let Nate’s do what they need to do and once they’re okay to get adopted we will find them great homes," says Dr. Ocean.

Although the pups are currently quarantined and cannot be viewed by the public, Oglebsy says there are ways for you to show them love.

“If you’d like to send them toys, treats things to keep them busy while they’re out there for the next two weeks that would be fantastic," says Oglesby.

Visit Nate's  for more information.