SARASOTA - If the months of June, July and August felt hotter than normal to you, you're not alone. The northern hemisphere, on average, recorded its hottest summer according to NOAA. It was 2.03°F above the 20th century average, tied with 2016's summer. In the southern hemisphere, temperatures overall ran 1.33°F above the average, making it their second warmest winter on record, slightly trailing 2016.

One of the few areas in the northern hemisphere that saw some areas of temperatures closer to seasonable was the United States, where the plains and midwest and plains states enjoyed near average temperatures. Florida had one of its hottest on record.

Florida had a hotter-than-average summer. The midwest stayed near normal.

However, Florida's had its hottest year on record so far from January through August.

Through August, Florida has recorded its hottest average temperature.

September has been scorching on the Suncoast, with five record warmest lows and one record high broken. Everyday this month has been above the average so far.