MANATEE COUNTY - Rob Wagner says watching a stranger hitch his livelihood to the back of their truck driving away early Saturday morning with his trailer full of sound equipment is gut-wrenching.

Wagner is emotional over the reality he now faces and the magnitude of this brazen theft.

"50 to 60 thousand. It’s definitely a big hit, a big loss," says Wagner.

Wagner, a professional musician in both local bands Jester X and Katalyst, worries how he will continue performing.

“Speakers, mixer boards, microphones, cables, anything associated with putting on a live sound production on a large scale. All of that equipment was what I used to do that, and now it’s all gone," says Wagner.

He believes his neighbor’s surveillance video show the white pick-up truck canvasing the area.

“The first time that we were able to see that the truck in question passed was about quarter after five in the morning. Drove around our neighborhood for about thirty to forty minutes before finally hooking up to the trailer and towing it away," says Wagner.

The Bradenton musician says he is grateful for the outpouring of support on social media to help get this performer’s equipment back on stage with him, where it belongs.