SARASOTA- Suncoast Parkinson’s patients punch the lights out of their disease, by boxing to alleviate some of their symptoms.

“It’s working out great, I’m f feeling really energized, taking the classes," said Mido Edwy.

Edwy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a year ago and he says he sees improvement with every session.

“I feel much better than before the class," said Edwy.

Emmanuellie "Manny" Arce, teaches boxing at Parkinson Place and says each move is designed to improve symptoms like stiffness, imbalance and tremors.

“Being able to throw a punch, tomorrow might allow them to reach up for something in their fridge or their cabinet, or help their daily functions that they tend to lack, if they were to do nothing in return," said Arce.

But Arce explains this is more than just hitting a punching bag it’s regaining the strength and confidence Parkinson’s tried to take.

“Their confidence needs to be brought back up to  a level where they cannot be afraid of taking that next step, not afraid to take that next punch or anything else that impedes them from doing anything in their lives," said Arce.

It’s also his way of giving back to a community.

“It’s definitely a great feeling to be able to be there for someone when they’re in need," said Arce.

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