BRADENTON - Art students let their creativity run wild when visiting the Bishop Animal Shelter as part of Ringling College volunteer program. The students picked up their paper and pencils and drew portraits of some of the animals up for adoption.

"It’s distressing for the students and it’s also a good practice for drawing and finger drawing and it’s just a great way to take a break from your projects and still draw and enjoy it," said Emily Lamberski.

Lamberski, Student Leader for Volunteerism, says this program is a favorite for art students. Not only do they get to unwind from busy school work but they get to spend their day with some loveable animals.

"We want them more involved with community and get comfortable, so really to get them out from campus because they work so many hours,” said Lamberski.

Freshman Kaylah Briggs is visiting the shelter for the first time. She says as soon as she heard of the program she was quick to sign up. "I was like Bishop Animal Shelter, I like animals I like to draw I’ll come draw some cute animals,” said Briggs.

Briggs says coming to the shelter is much more than just spending time with the animals it helps the students grow as artists.

"It definitely helped me notice shapes in things cause shapes are kind of the building blocks of how we draw," said Briggs. "It kinda helps, myself, train my eye to see those shapes and be able to draw them and eventually add in the details.”

The student’s portraits they create aren’t for a grade but rather serve as a gift to the family that will be taking home a new member of their family.

"love it when animals can find a home. It makes me very happy when animals that I can’t save are being saved and found homes,” said Riggs.