VENICE - A Garden Elementary student cut the ribbon for the school's book vending machine that was unveiled on Friday. 

"It's a machine that can dispense books that kids have had their eyes on by using a coin they have earned and they go to the machine, they select the book that they have their eye on and it dispenses in front of them," Garden Elementary's reading recovery teacher Stacy Bellanca said. 

The coin system is an incentive for the kids to do their best so they can get their hands on new books. 

"I will act right in school and get good grades," fourth grader Reece Lanum said. 

The school received money from different agencies to bring the vending machine in. 

"The VFW donated $1,000 to our school to help fund the actual books that will go into the machine. We also had supporters from all around the community do donations that was through donors choose. They went on and just funded through that and all the money came in and we were able to get this great machine," Bellanca said.