Venice - Venice Avenue is one of the focal points of the City of Venice and staff found it was critical to make improvements to it before the beautification project began in July of 2018. 

"We have a lot of enhanced landscaping, we've reconstructed the streets and all of the storm water, all of the sidewalks and decorative pavers. It's just absolutely beautiful and we're seeing a lot of people coming downtown and really enjoying the atmosphere now that it's freshened up," City Engineer Kathleen Weeden said. 

Both the city and business owners on the road feel like the new street was worth the wait. 

"The response has been very positive. It was a tough construction project but now that it's finished people are really happy to come downtown, they're enjoying the new amenities, the hanging flower baskets and all of the other improvements that really add to the charm of downtown," Weeden said. 

One supporter is the owner of Things I Like, a store that opened in June, just before the renovation of the Venice Avenue ended. 

"I think they did a wonderful job. It's really pretty. It looks beautiful and it's good for business. It bring people back to Venice main street and, yeah, it's all good," Things I Like owner Sabina Hack said. 

Hack feels the new and improved avenue will make Things I Like more attractive to customers. 

"This Venice Avenue means a lot to the city and it's a draw. They have great restaurants, great stores, great new stores, so I think it's going to be a great season," Hack said.