ANNA MARIA-  Progress of the rebuilding of Anna Maria’s Historic City Pier could be pushed back. Tuesday Afternoon a barge hit a newly rebuilt portion of the bridge causing what appears to be minor damages.

It is unclear how many main structural pillars were damaged at this point. If only two were damaged construction should remain on track to open in December or January, if it’s more than the open date could be later. Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy says a dive team is coming to look at the damage.

 “The barge is delivering the supplies that are required to build the bait shop and the restaurant,” Mayor Dan Murphy said. “So, that’s the purpose of it, the responsibility for the damage that was done to the pier is with the general contractor themselves, the sub-contractor was operating the tug, so all the cost of this repair job will be that of the general contractor.”

The dive team should issue a report on the complete damage early next week.