SARASOTA - "It’s not only a community effort but it’s, it’s really driven by the heart,” said Allyson Tanzer.

CAN Community Health, a non-profit that specializes in infectious disease care and prevention, is partnering up with the Sarasota Military Academy among other agencies nationwide to bring hurricane relief supplies to those affected by Dorian in the Bahamas.

"We’re working with incredibly dedicated partners who have close personal relationships with the organizations that are doing the distributions on the ground,” said Tanzer.

Tanzer, Assistant Project Manager at CAN, says their partners at Angel Flight Southeast and Gold Aviation have personal connections to area severely impacted by Dorian’s destructive path. "They’re really motivated to get it where it needs to go and to the people that it needs to get to,” she said.

Tanzer says all supplies are being accepted but items like blankets, toothbrushes, and even bandages are just as essential to those who may have lost everything.

"Blankets, clothing, it’s everything. If you’ve seen footage from the Bahamas, you know the devastation," said Tanzer. "So they’re rebuilding from the ground up so we have to get them there.”

Donations can be brought to CAN’s national headquarters on Fruitville Road and will be accepting supplies until September 20th. For a full list of all supplies CAN is accepting visit their website