SARASOTA COUNTY - Mote Aquarium is seeking a combined $60 million in public money. $20 million of that was expected from Sarasota County. So, county commissioners are trying to find ways to get it.

While the Commissioners stressed that they have not committed to contributing $20 million to the Mote Science Education Aquarium, according to the Herald Tribune, they asked staff to identify where in future budgets a potential contribution would come from. Commissioners also asked County Administrator Jonathan Lewis for a timetable for when that potential contribution may happen.

Mote is hoping to get the $20 million from Sarasota, $15 million from Manatee County and $25 million from the state Legislature for the aquarium that will be built at Benderson Park with land dedicated by Sarasota County.

Commissioner Nancy Detert pointed this fact out, while other commissioners had hoped Mote's fundraising would be so successful that they wouldn't need $20 million from Sarasota County.