SARASOTA - One change coming to the nearly century-old course is a reduction in the number of holes. 

"The city commission decided Monday to downsize the Bobby Jones Golf Course from 45 holes which is 36 regulation holes in executive course to 27 regulation holes in short course and a very nice driving range and practice area," City Manager Tom Barwin said. 

The move will increase the environmental impact that the course has. 

"That will free up about 50 or so acres to convert into environmental purposes and uses for better cleaning our water before it drains into the bay and also to plant more trees, to clean our air, and take some of the carbon out of it and also we'll be working hard to integrate bicycle and pedestrian walkways through this 300 acres and connect it to the clubhouse where people go for lunch from the tremendous athletic complex that's just east of the golf course," Barwin said. 

Changes like condensing the golf course's holes from 45 to 27 regulation holes as well as augmenting the environmental impacts the Bobby Jones Golf Course has has longtime golfers like Keith Miller very excited. 

"I'm very excited about it. I would love to keep the 45 holes but we have to be practical and I'm also very excited about the conservation business coming in and having parts of it open to the whole city. I think it's a win-win for everybody in Sarasota," Miller said. 

Miller has no issues with a revamping coming to the golf course that she has played on several times a week since 1993. 

"The original course will be 100 years old in just a few more years so it's had some band-aids over the years but not a full renovation so I'm very excited to make it a destination golf course which I think it can be and it's history," Miller said.