BRADENTON - Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan addresses a crowd of more than 100 people at a town hall meeting hosted at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. Buchanan wanted to hear from Suncoast residents about issues they want to see resolved in Washington.

"I want to hear from them, I want to hear their passion that’s what we’re supposed to reflect and we’re getting ready to go back into session next week, so I want to take some of their thoughts and views back with me,” said Buchanan. 

Buchanan spoke on issues about gun control, social security, and combating red tide. Pat Simmons with Moms Demand Action says she’s glad the congressman made time for his constituents but felt her question went unanswered.

"I kinda didn’t really expect to so I – maybe I didn’t get through to him but maybe there‘s people in the audience that heard me,” said Simmons.

The crowd questioned Buchanan on his stance on the border wall, Medicaid, and about the national deficit something Nancy Hughes wanted to hear more from the congressman.

"Congressman Buchanan takes credit for the changes to the tax code, he calls it the tax cut, that has led to our deficit issue, in part and we can’t grow out of it," said Hughes. "So my concern is what is he going to do now, what is he going to do when he goes back to Washington in September, what is he going to do next year and the year after that if he gets reelected.”

Buchanan says his mission is to support bipartisan bills and laws and represent the Suncoast to bring the changes people want and need ahead of the upcoming 2020 elections.

"The other thing is just focus on continuing to grow our economy because there’s a lot of speculation out there, things can be slowing down," said Buchanan. "I think that can become an self-fulfilling prophecy. We want to keep people working and getting bigger paychecks and the best way to do that is keep this economy going.”