SARASOTA COUNTY- Although Florida was spared from Hurricane Dorian's destruction, many are left wondering how they can help those affected in the Bahamas. 

Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm and now hundreds are trying to put back together the pieces of their lives amid the chaos.

 “This is a long-term recovery process. The scope of this disaster, we are still hearing and learning about the extent of the damage there," said All Faiths Food Bank CEO Sandra Frank.

Here on the Suncoast many want to help, but as Frank explains, giving wisely will benefit the Bahamas the most.

“It’s not safe at this point for people to take matters into their own hands, but there are things that they can do immediately that will be much appreciated and is desperately needed," said Frank.

If you are looking for a way to help, frank suggests donating funds, working through established volunteer organizations and donating only requested supplies.

“Only donate the supplies that are requested. Please do not donate used clothing or shoes, or old household items or perishable food," said Frank.

Frank says donating to established and recognized organizations like: the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, direct relief and global giving’s will directly serve the Bahamas, as long as you designate your gift for Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Efforts.

“They can put together schedules and timing, and your efforts are appreciated and used. Showing up on shore creates additional burden and it’s not safe," said Frank.

Here is a list of organizations you can safely donate to: