CHARLOTTE COUNTY - A man is behind bars on the Suncoast for stealing an Uber and leaving the driver on the side of the interstate. 

It happened at around 6:15 p.m. last night.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office reports Andrew Sullivan was taking an Uber from a treatment center in Ft. Myers to a treatment facility in Plant City.

The car was on I–75 near exit 164 in Charlotte County when he told the driver he was going to be sick.

The driver pulled over, and when Sullivan and the driver got out, Sullivan slid into the driver's seat, and drove away.

The Uber driver was able to flag down a passing driver and get a ride to the nearest exit, he also called 911.

"It's kind of a unique set of circumstances we got a 911 call from an Uber driver whose fare actually jumped into the front seat of the vehicle after exiting the vehicle to get sick on the side of the interstate and that suspect was thankfully shorty later apprehended in Manatee County with the Uber driver's vehicle," Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Katie Heck said. 


Sullivan was found near the vehicle on I-75 and SR 64 in Manatee County shortly after.




"We often see in law enforcement, a lot of criminals don't really think too far in advance of the bad decisions that they make at the time. The Uber driver did relay that the suspect had been, at the time, believed to be intoxicated so some that could've just hampered his decision making skills, but, certainly, it was sort of an easy case to quickly communicate with other agencies in southwest Florida," Heck said. 


Sullivan was arrested and is charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle. He is in custody in Manatee County. The vehicle was recovered undamaged.