SARASOTA- The suspected carjacker who crashed on US 41 shutting down rush hour traffic Wednesday faces charges of kidnapping, carjacking and fleeing law enforcement.

Dramatic Video shows the Sarasota Police takedown of 52-year-old George Sparrow Jr. who fled Police before crashing on US 41.

But his crime started Tuesday afternoon when Sarasota Sheriff’s office says he carjacked the silver Cadillac from Parkway Collections.

“A woman was forced into her car by a man who said he had a gun,” Krahe said. “The two of them actually drove to a nearby parking lot, and he stole the car, stole her credit cards, and then a short time later used those credit cards.”

Following the spending, Sarasota Sheriff’s Deputies were able to get surveillance video of the suspect out quickly.

“It was only a few minutes after he stole those credit cards that he was using them nearby,” Krahe said. “At a Walmart and a gas station, and because we were able to see some tattoos on him, we were able to identify him and then be on the lookout for him.”

Sarasota Police spotted the car Wednesday afternoon, but when they tried to stop him he crashed, leading to minor injuries for both drivers involved.

Sarasota Police is still investigating the cause of the crash.

“We also have our due diligence to do a very thorough and detailed investigation as it relates to the crash,” Lt. Armstrong said. “We owe that to both drivers involved in the crash.”

Currently Sparrow faces charges of Kidnapping, Armed Carjacking, Grand Theft and Fleeing to Elude law enforcement.

“It’s really just a thanks to all our investigators both with the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department that we were able to catch him.”

Sparrow is currently being held at the Sarasota County Jail under a Baker Act.