SARASOTA - Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas and now many of you are stepping up to help anyway possible. However, assuring you donate responsibly is important.

The Green Turtle Cay Foundation has direct ties to the Bahamas. News of utter devastation and dire need for help from this little island is trickling in.

“There’s pretty much nothing left over there and the houses need to be built from scratch. None of the houses on the island are inhabitable right now, so that’s the main focus is getting the people over there some space to live and some semblance of life and roof over their heads that is protected," says Sarah Showell with the foundation.

Showell’s foundation is accepting help from all over. Volunteer Alyssa Gay is spearheading collecting donations at multiple locations on the Suncoast.

“As of this morning we’re actually up to 8 locations throughout Sarasota and Manatee that are collecting donations specifically for Green Turtle Cay. The most dire supplies right now are actually tents and tarps," says Gay.

Among the other high priority items needed are generators and bug repellent, as well as basic hygiene and relief needs. Gay is personally transporting all dropped donations to Showell in West Palm.

“Without a doubt 100% of our funds are going to this relief and rebuild efforts. Initially right now most of it is being spent on fuel simply to get supplies over there and their immediate list, we couldn’t wait for things to come in. It’s pretty endless right now what we can do with the finances that we’re getting and what we can do to help these people who are seriously left with nothing right now," says Showell.

Collections on the Suncoast will continue through Friday Sept.13th, however Gay says she may do this multiple times.

“In a situation like this and the devastation that the island has faced, it’s truly a marathon not a sprint," says Gay.

Visit hurricane relief for Suncoast donation locations and Green Turtle Cay Foundation for more ways to help.