VENICE - PGT Innovations has dedicated 40 years to creating the strongest, safest building products on the market to protect your home from hurricane force winds. Vice President of Product Managing and Engineering Dean Ruark says when it comes to window manufacturing PGT is one of the best.

"We’re the nation’s leading manufacturing of impact resistant products and we hold more Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) Certifications as compared to any other window manufacturing in the world,” said Ruark.

PGT Innovations has helped shape the way we build our homes, apartment complex, and businesses in Florida. They’ve helped determine and enforce building codes that we know today.

"Florida has the strongest building code in the nation," said Ruark. "In Florida we have an area that’s called the wind borne debris region, so those homes require impact resistant windows or shutters or some other means of hardening the envelope.”

To harden the envelope means to secure the roof of your home with hurricane clips and adding impact windows and doors.

Ruark says when a piece of flying debris crashes through your window, extreme pressure enters the home and can cause serious damages. "When those wind pressures get in and pressurize the roof, your roof pops off and then really catastrophic failure ensues from there," he said.

The time to prepare your home is now Ruark says, as we are near the peak of hurricane season.  PGT Innovations continues to develop new products that will bring you peace of mind knowing your home is secure to withstand the next major hurricane to impact Florida.

"We’re continuing to look at real world storm data and put our product through the worst storms in history," said Ruark. "We continue to be at the cutting edge of looking at real storms, finding better ways to simulate these real storms and continuing to find better and better test methods to make our products stronger and stronger.

When shopping for impact windows and doors Ruark says, check to make sure they have a Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) Certification.