PUNTA GORDA - Punta Gorda police officers began carrying Narcan nasal spray last month and, on Sunday, the spray made a huge difference. 

"On Sunday, Officer Russell responded to an address on Mediterranean Drive here in Punta Gorda. When he arrived he located a subject, a 48-year-old male who was slumped over the couch and barely breathing, possibly from a fentanyl overdose. At that time, Officer Russell administered a Narcan nasal spray which revived the subject who was then taken to the hospital and is going to have a full recovery," Punta Gorda Lieutenant Dylan Renz said. 

The Police Department was inspired by other police departments who adopted using Narcan some time ago. 

"As opiate overdoses happen more and more, that we should start seeing them here more often so we went ahead and implemented the program so we would be prepared for when the problem happens," Renz said.