SARASOTA-  While we wait on the storm to turn to see what the potential impacts of Dorian are on the State, Sarasota County Fire Department is joining staging teams prepared to assist as the storm passes through.

“We were prepared and ready for this,” Chief Regnier said.  “And we’ve deployed a number of units throughout the state of Florida on the east coast.”

The County sent 20 units including fire engines, ambulances, and hazmat units along with 60 department staff.

“We want to help,” Chief Regnier said. “Firefighters want to assist in any way they can, this is our ability to reach out and help other communities, so if we have that impact here we know we can count on them in the future.”

They’re joining units from across the state at staging areas in Orlando and Miami waiting to deploy where they’re needed.

“Right now the State has requested a 10 day deployment,” Chief Regnier said. “Obviously that can be scaled back depending on the storm, and as we saw in Michael, we went for a 10 day deployment and then they extended in for 10 and then another 10, so we rotated crews for Michael, and we would be prepared to do that here as well.”

Like Michael, they are responding with all of the supplies they will need to assist other departments.

“Enough equipment for themselves to take care of themselves,” Chief Regnier said. “And then the Fire Department has to provide food, water, shelter, obviously it’s not great shelter, but we look at all of that almost like a camping scenario, and they know they are going to be uncomfortable for the first 72 hours but they are prepared and have all of those resources with them.”

Right now they are waiting to see which path the storm takes and where they will be needed.

“There’s a lot of resources responding to make sure that we’re safe and ready,” Chief Regnier said. “And like I said if the storm goes around us that would be great and Florida is completely missed, and the whole United States is missed, but if not we’re prepared.”