VENICE - This Labor Day many spent time outdoors, enjoying Venice’s south jetty and beaches in a stark contrast in concern from just a few days ago when Hurricane Dorian had its sights set on the Suncoast.

Visitors are fishing, boating, and sunbathing. Venice resident Jose Castellanos and his family are relieved over the change in weather circumstances, but takes Hurricane Dorian as a lesson in being prepared.

“Well you should always be ready, never wait until the last minute to get your supplies. I think we got lucky and can enjoy as much of the weekend, or salvage as much of the weekend as we can," says Castellanos.

With a little less to stress over storm wise, Castellanos is happy to share how they spent the holiday weekend.

“Enjoying the weather, got some sun in between, fishing in between. Enjoying as much as you can," says Castellanos.

University of Central Florida student Trinity Severson escaped to the Suncoast from parts of our state still within the cone of uncertainty, and says the drastic difference in weather conditions is startling.

“My first week of college ends with we might have to evacuate for Dorian!” says Severson.

She says deciding to leave UCF to spend Labor Day weekend on Venice was the right move. “It’s beautiful here! It’s so weird, the weather here is so much different than in Orlando right now it’s very dreary and windy and rainy!” says Severson.