LIDO BEACH - "The water is really calm and looks really nice. I know there’s a hurricane coming so you just got to make the best with the time got,” said Trey Burggraff.

Although Hurricane Dorian is on many Floridians mind, Burggraff and his family came to Lido Beach to enjoy Labor Day Weekend.

"Today we’re just going to relax, we threw the football a little bit, swam around, sun bathed a little bit," said Burggraff.

Sandy Rush and her friends are celebrating Labor Day Weekend and getting out of the house after prepping this week for the storms arrival.

"The beaches here in Sarasota are some of the most amazing beaches I’ve ever been to, they even top some of the Caribbean beaches that I’ve been to," said Rush. "So why not come out when it’s a non-work day, schools out, and why not.”    

Rush recently moved to the Suncoast from Nevada. She says this is her first hurricane experience

"When my husband first said a category four is coming our way I didn’t believe it," said Rush. "I said no don’t tell me that – my first thing is I want to go home to the desert where these things don’t happen.”

Rush says she now has peace of mind knowing that Hurricane Dorian’s path has changed. She plans on staying home, relaxing, and watching some movies for the rest of the Labor Day Weekend.