SARASOTA - Harbor Master Kat Ross says they have been keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian and his path and prepping to keep boaters and their boats safe.

She says they have been securing loose items on the dock and making sure they have enough fuel and ice for boaters. Ross says Hurricane Irma taught them some valuable lessons.

“During Irma the one thing that really surprised us here was the reverse storm surge that made a huge impact to hurricane preparedness going forward," said Ross. "I know we have a lunar tide coming up, so right now we’re going to – again monitor the weather and monitor our tides as well so we’re prepared for not only for a big storm surge but a reverse storm surge as well.”

Ross says Labor Day Weekend is usually one of their busiest times of year, but Hurricane Dorian scared some of the boaters away. As of now there are no current plans to close the marina.