SARASOTA- With the storm slowing down, Sarasota County has more time to prepare and make the best decisions for the county, and they want to make sure you’re prepared too.

 “The storm has slowed down,” McCrane said. “It’s going to give us an opportunity to adjust our plans.”

Sarasota County is in a wait and see mode as the storm moves closer to Florida.

“We have everything in place to do evacuation centers,” McCrane said. “To move the medically dependent, to do all the things we need to do for the worst case, we haven’t necessarily had to put them in play yet.”

They are transitioning employees to emergency roles to get information out to the Public quicker.

“The SC Gov website has transitioned into the storm site,” McCrane said. “So when you go to all storm related information will be captured there.”

The County is also calling everyone registered for medically dependent evacuation centers.

“To make sure that they are safe,” McCrane said. “And if they had any questions or concerns, and in the event that we had to evacuate we gave them instruction on how that would take place, and how we would support that.”

McCrane says they’ve been in touch with grocery store representatives, and they are working to re-stock shelves quickly.

“You can imagine the demand for a storm like this,” McCrane said. “They’re doing everything they can to stock up their supplies all the storms are, and this is important, why we ask people to stock up on supplies at the beginning of hurricane season, to have those supplies.”

If you are shopping, try to only buy what you need to ensure everyone can be prepared. Reporting in Sarasota County, I’m Samantha Sonner, SNN, The Suncoast News Network.

SNN will continue to monitor the county’s decisions and update you as we continue to track Hurricane Dorian.