SARASOTA - "The earlier the better, I mean we’re only a couple days out and you can see how many things are empty right now and how much things go quickly," said Lowe's Store Manager Josh Wilcenski

Wilcenski says his store on Fruitville Road has been busy with people prepping to ride out the storm and pick up their supplies before it’s too late.

"It’s been a mad house all day, and tomorrow will be the same, and Saturday will be the same Sunday all the way up until Tuesday when it hits,” said Wilcenski

With Hurricane Dorian expected to make landfall early next week as a possible category 4 hurricane, supplies such as flashlights and batteries are selling out fast.

Brian Hegedus has already picked up the majority of his supplies he says he’s preparing for the any possible outcome but is ready to hunker down at home.

"Well getting some fuel for the grill and a new flashlight and my girlfriend is getting groceries so we’re good to go,” said Hegedus 

However not everyone is as prepared just yet. Wilcenski says supplies are selling as fast they arrive to the store and people should start their hurricanes preparations as soon as possible.

"As it gets closer human nature starts to take over and panic starts to set in a little bit, so it always ramps up exponentially as you get closer to it, or as it gets closer to us," said Wilcenski

Items currently sold out at Lowe's on Fruitville are generators, Duracell batteries, and of course water. But they are expecting a new shipment to arrive to the store early Friday morning. So get your supplies quickly while they last.